Sunday, March 9, 2008

Buy Condemned 2: Bloodshot, get something free

The calm, cool Sunday air has once again brought an informative wind gust of savings, and this week the savings are focused towards Condemned 2: Bloodshot.

This week, purchasers of Bloodshot have two retail options to choose from to get a copy of the game AND get something for free. If you head to Best Buy to make your Bloodshot purchase, you'll be rewarded with a free Best Buy $10 gift card which we have to say isn't too shab. The other purchasing option is Circuit City, where they are offering Condemned: Criminal Origins for free with the purchase of Bloodshot. Yes, we said free! And if you're low on Microsoft points you can grab a 1600 point card for $10 with the purchase of any Xbox 360 game $29.99 and up. That means, buy Bloodshot at Circuit City, get Criminal Origins and 1600 Microsoft points for $10. Lovely! But be warned Circuit City shoppers. When they offered CoD3 for free with the purchase of CoD4, they only honored the offer until their already depleated stock of CoD3 was gone and anyone else pretty much got screwed. Oh, and we guess we should say these offers are probably only good IF the game ships this week.

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