Tuesday, March 11, 2008

GTA IV Ad Artwork & Factoids List

With the game's release getting closer and closer, GTA IV's marketing strategy is begining to gain momentum. There's already been some viral marketing for the game, but now New York is playing host to GTA IV murals featuring characters from the game. The murals are designed to feel as though they extend into the wall and are very high quality. Photos of all the images, including the earlier ads, are in the gallery below.

As for news other than pretty pictures, a four-page list of features, moments, bullet points and more was posted on thegamereviews and includes all sorts of interesting little bits of information. Spilit into various themes, the list concerns technical issues, locations, characters, groups, pyhsics and more, the impressions read as a great list of things to expect for those of us who just can't wait the six weeks 'till release.

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