Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Source engine shooter, Salvation

Apologies readers, but we must first preface this post by informing you that when we discovered this news we were a bit creeped out. We felt this way because the announced game's name, Salvation, sparked something strange in the dark recesses of our memory. As it turns out, we had recently reported on the news of another new shooter with the thematically similar name of Damnation. Creepy, no?

Now the game itself is a third-person shooter from Black Wing Foundation, set in an apocalyptic future with heavy religious undertones. If you're easily offended this is not the game for you, and you should stop reading this now. The basic premise is that big government gained total control by staging judgment day via the cloning and subsequent killing of the Christ and Antichrist. Really, we did not make that up. To add to that the devs are hoping to graft stealth and light RPG elements onto their third-person shooter framework. Although it's still very early this has the potential to be interesting and unique, even though the idea for a mythology-inspired third-person action-RPG with shooting certainly sounds familiar.

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