Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dyack talks sales, delays and naysayers

In an interview with Gamasutra, Silicon Knights lead Dennis Dyack discussed his upcoming game Too Human and the overall direction of the industry. While Dyack has always been passionate about his work, he does admit that the company's success hitches on the response from gamers at retail for Too Human. "It would be really, really bad [if Too Human wasn't a commercial success]," Dyack explained, "in some sense ... Would it kill us? I don't know. We'd probably recover."

"Miyamoto-san said it right a long time ago: "No one will remember a late game; everyone will remember a bad game," Dyack reminisces while discussing the reasons behind the nine-year wait since Too Human was first shown at E3 1999. "We believe in that strongly. We live and die by our last game. And, you know, you're only as good as your last game." With that in mind we, along with Dyack, wonder why Silicon Knights gets so much flak for their upcoming trilogy when their back catalog has been nothing but critical "darlings." Awards for Legacy of Kain and Eternal Darkness fill the glass cases of Silicon Knights' St. Catherines, Ontario, office. With such a history, Dyack wonders why people continue to doubt the company's latest piece.

"We have no skeletons in our closet. I wish everyone knew all about the stuff that we've done in the past, but you look at Legacy of Kain, you look at Eternal Darkness, you look at Metal Gear," Dyack proclaims. "Too Human is going to be another one. We wouldn't let it out until then. It's real tough, though. It's real tough. It's not an easy process."

For more on Too Human and Dyack's thoughts on the direction of the industry, read the entire interview.

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