Monday, March 10, 2008

Dead Space's most gruesome cake bake-off

Recently, MTV Multiplayer had a chance to sit down and chat Dead Space with senior producer Glen Schofield. And not only do we learn how awesomely cool Dead Space is, but we also learn that their dev team is comprised of some crafty bakers.

In their interview, Schofield mentioned that their team became so close throughout Dead Space's dev cycle that they hosted an in-house Dead Space cake bake-off. Because, you know, nothing screams space alien murder like a sugary sweet cake. And, as you can see above, the bake-off was successful at not only producing rather gruesome looking Dead Space themed confections, but also at boosting the dev team's blood sugar. We need to hold a cake bake-off ... an X3F roxorz your soxorz themed baking challenge. Hmm, we'll work on that. Stay tuned ...

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