Saturday, March 8, 2008

India's Xbox 360 boss leaving in April

Phil Harrison isn't the only major industry player to leave his post recently, Microsoft India's manager of entertainment and devices, Mohit Anand, is leaving the company after eight years, during which he launched the Xbox 360 in the region. Anand expresses to GameGuru that he can't say what he's doing next, but the site wonders if he's joining Nintendo and bringing the Wii to India. He flat out denies he'll take a job at Sony.

The best quote in the whole piece has to be when Anand whips out the 10 rupee ($.25) words and "absolutely negate[s] the rumor vociferously" that he is leaving Microsoft due to internal problems. He concludes that he's since very happy how the Xbox 360 has performed in India since launching a little over a year ago.

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