Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lost Planet: Colonies, Confirmation & Details

Remember when we said that soon we'd have more information on Lost Planet: Colonies? Well we weren't lying, as this week's Famitsu confirmed a ton of information about the game. First and foremost, this is not an entirely new game, this is a remake of the original with more assets and expanded multiplayer. Think of it as similar to Ninja Gaiden Sigma, only for the same console. Hmmm, so that explains why the ESRB was able to rate it so early ... Anyway here's some of the things listed in the article as new:
  • New Multiplayer modes, including Humans VS Akrid
  • 4 New maps, 2 of which are possibly a city and a desert
  • New Female Playable Character
  • Ten New weapons
  • New Monsters
  • Trial Battle and Score Attack modes for the campaign bosses
  • 360/PC Cross-platform play
Now while this all sounds great, we still have a few questions. First, price, this can't possibly be a full-retail title can it? There's new content, but unless there's still some secrets held back there's not much more than the original had. But if this hits at the right price ($40 or so) it could see a resurgence in the online Lost Planet community. That leads us right to our second question though, with this seeing release on PC and 360, why not simply make it available as DLC? Perhaps it's because so few in Japan actually have a 360 to download to, and this is seeing release there first on May 29th. No word on release dates for other territories just yet.

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