Saturday, March 8, 2008

F.E.A.R. D.L.C. for F.R.E.E. on X.B.L.M.

There's free new content available for F.E.A.R. on Xbox Live Marketplace. The Control and Conquer All Map Pack has two new gametypes, "Conquer All" and "Control". On top of the extra gametypes, there is also a title update that adds a few functionality features to the gameplay and Xbox Live experience. on the in game experience, blood splatter has been added to enemy uniforms after having been shot, as well as an option to fade the HUD so it only shows information when you need it, without cluttering your screen. Extra functionality has been added to Player Matches, allowing the host to invite friends into both private and public slots. There also were hints made towards new maps being available later this summer.

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