Sunday, March 9, 2008

EndWar: The year 2020 brings 1000 unit battles

Tom Clancy's EndWar has a new official blogging home over at IGN and with the dev team's first blog we get a quick and dirty rundown of some of EndWar's key facts, figures and features. Some tidbits we've known (voice commands) and some we didn't (the game is set in the war riddled year 2020). We're especially intrigued by the fact that EndWar will be able to render over 1000 units all at once in ginormous battles as well as the fact that they'll be including around forty different battlefields when the game releases. To us, forty sounds like enough variety to kick off the RTS fun with no problem. Make the jump to get the lowdown, retain some EndWar facts and maybe learn a thing or two about Russian Spetznaz Guard Brigades. Jump away ...

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