Monday, March 10, 2008

Guinness gets Rainbow Six Vegas 2 fever

Ubisoft seems to be pairing up with everyone these days to promote the upcoming 10th Anniversary title in the Rainbow Six franchise, Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Ubisoft and the Guinness World Records have teamed up to bring the gaming world the first official marathon session of multiplayer gaming, where a few gamers will get to play Rainbow Six Vegas 2 on Xbox 360 for a solid 24-hour stretch.

Taking part in the attempt will be the UK Frag Dolls (which are sponsored by Ubisoft): Jam, Kitt and Sarin. The attempt will take place in the UK from the March 21 - 24 where all 1,500 tickets to join in the fun live have already sold out. If the dolls are able to compete for a straight 24-hour session of gaming Guinness World Records will induct the event, Ubisoft and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 into the 2009 edition of the world-famous record catalog.

Gamers connected are invited to join in the fraggin' fun over Xbox Live when the game launches later this month.

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