Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mirror's Edge Interview & Concept Art

MTV'S Multiplayer blog recently had the opportunity to ask Owen O'Brien, Senior Producer on Mirror's Edge, a few questions regarding the game development and ideas. The interview offers a good view on the philosophy of the game's development and includes some interesting items, such as the origin of the name, the all-to-real possibility of "simulation sickness" as well as the art direction, including the apparent absence of the color green from all released images. Now, in the interview O'Brien's response to that last bit is particularly telling, as he doesn't confirm that the game has no green ....

And as the released concept art seems to suggest, the color green is limited only to certain areas, confirming the very specific art direction mentioned in the interview. There are five newly posted pieces of concept art, and three new screenshots. Look upon and marvel (but don't forget to read the interview.)

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