Saturday, March 8, 2008

Assassins commercial overload during South Park

If you watched last night's Guitar Hero South Park then you know the amount of commercial product pushing that went on. After getting through only half of our (deeply loved) South Park we could only think one thing ... holy Assassin's Creed commercial abuse Batman! Seriously, there must have been a solid ten minutes of Assassins commercials that aired during the 30 minute episode, so much so we don't think there were any other commercials played besides Comedy Central's own. So many commercials, we were starting to wonder if Ubisoft bought a stake of Comedy Central or lined Matt and Trey's pockets with the other half of Assassins' marketing budget. But after the episode concluded and our commercial intake ended, we couldn't complain. We'd be lying to say that we didn't enjoy all ten minutes of the Assassins footage. We'd also be lying if we didn't tell you that later we hopped into our car, headed to our local retailer and picked up a copy of Heroin Hero. It was an interesting night.

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