Saturday, March 8, 2008

Combine fear the Half-Life 2 case mod

360 Fanboy reader, PiNPOiNT, sent us some pictures of his newly finished Half-Life 2 case mod. We have to say, it's flippin' sweet. Even the lighting in the photograph is topnotch. The left side of the case (at right) features a cut away window with the HL2 logo in the corner. The right side features another logo which is raised off the surface of the case. All in all, it's some very impressive work. There is no denying that the Half-Life 2 megapackage coming to the 360 is worth celebrating, but we hope we won't upset PiNPOiNT when we remind him that the game was delayed. Hopefully, his spiffy mod will brighten his days until the game releases this summer. Check out bigger, beefier images after the break.

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