Saturday, March 8, 2008

Condemned 2: Bloodshot delayed until April 4th?

Previously scheduled for release on the 11th of March, PlayFrance is now reporting that Sega has delayed the game further, pushing back the release to April 4th. With the demo for the game having also having been pushed back and now with no final release date of it's own, it isn't difficult to see how the fianl game is not ready for release. Plus, the demo's delay is not the only sign of minor hang-ups, as the latest dev diary discusses the fact that the game has not gone to final certification due to a host of factors including, but not limited to, feature-creep. With the dev diary still listing the game as hitting the 11th, having been posted on the 7th, and discussing the fact the game hits "next month" there is still some question as to the official release date. But with both PlayFrance and Amazon listing the game as hitting on April 4th, it's likely that this title is condemned to hit late.

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