Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fan Stuff: Master Chief Across the Multiverse

With the undeniable recognizability of the character, the design of the Master Chief has become an iconic part of popular culture. And just like any other part of pop culture it sees reinterpretation, exploitation, and well, perversion. In celebration (or possibly disgust) of this fact GamesRadar collected a whole host of various iterations of the Chief, across all sorts of different mediums. It's an interesting collection of images and info, and reads as a sort of vertical slice of the property, showing all the ways that it has been seen, viewed, used and skewed. With versions across everything from papercraft to Lego to stained-glass, the Master Chief is definitely a fan favorite. But has the character and likeness been sold-out to the point that it has become cheapened in the eyes of the masses, or is this motley collection of fan-made products and art just a sign that the property is finding it's "expanded universe" feet?

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