Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fresh off the stove, melted Xbox 360

Lesson learned, don't leave your Xbox 360 on the kitchen stove even if there is no other place to put it. Why? Because that's exactly what Engadget reader Ty did which ultimately resulted in the gooey mess you see above.

As the story goes, Ty held a crazy fun Halo 3 LAN match with a few buddies and they ran out of physical gaming space. So, the only option was to setup shop in the kitchen and place his 360 on the stove for what he thought would be safe gaming. But during the Halo 3 mayhem someone "accidentally" turned the stove knob resulting in his 360 getting all melted. Supposedly funny and friendly prank gone bad? We think so and we also think Ty should track down the knob turning arson that he calls a friend, stick his face on the stove and "accidentally" melt his flesh to the burner. You hurt a 360, you get punished. It's an eye for an eye in fanboy world.

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