Saturday, March 8, 2008

Get your NES fix on your Xbox 360

Thanks to deviously pioneering gamers like Xexter, Xbox 360 owners can get nostalgic while playing old-school favorites from the NES era right on their next-gen console. This member from the MaxConsole community scored a working NES emulator that runs at nearly full speed. The setup requires Media Center 2005 to pull it off, and sound doesn't work yet, but it speaks volumes about what we may be able to see later on.

He says this: "Found a way to add a menu for the roms list so you will have to edit the nes.htm and change to whatever Nes rom you want to play. I've included a Public Domain rom for testing but have verified Zelda1-2, Excitebike, and TecmoBowl and all worked.

Please do not ask for ROMs

We're all law abiding citizens over here, and would never ever dream of violating copyrights, but we're sure a lot of you can take advantage of this (in a very lawful way, of course).

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