Saturday, March 8, 2008

It's the CPU key that prevents 360 modding

The Xbox 360 modding community's excitement levels are reaching an all-time high as they are one key away from making their modding dreams come true. The ultimate goal of 360 modders is to get the console to revert back to the vulnerable kernel that was found, but quickly patched by Microsoft. And it sounds like Microsoft blocked the ability to revert back to that kernel by blowing an eFuse on the CPU. Modders have now found out that they can bypass this whole eFuse thing and revert back to the vulnerable kernel if the CPU key is known. But guess what. The CPU key is only attainable through blown eFuse data, so it's a catch twenty-two and no progress has been made on attaining the CPU key through other methods. So, as of now, their attempts have been unsuccessful.

If we were Microsoft we'd be working on another way to block the modding community's advances, because it may only be a few weeks before they find out how to get the CPU key, revert back to the vulnerable kernel, and mod, mod, mod until the sun goes down.

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