Friday, March 7, 2008

Phantom copies of Too Human in stock on

Brand new day, sun-shining, new achievements under our belts and a piece of pure awesome drops in our lap letting us know that Sears has copies of Too Human in stock! Well, don't bust out the credit cards yet fanboys and girls because Silicon Knights' epic (no pun intended) first-installment into the action role-playing genre hasn't even gone gold -- let alone ship to a Sears near you.

This tip made us chuckle a little for a few reasons but our favorite is the ESRB presence on this listing. For a game that Sears has in stock you'd think they'd know what the rating was especially considering the amount of ESRB love on the site -- shouldn't they maybe find out if they're going to push their commitment to parents? Oh, they can't! The game hasn't been rated because it isn't finished yet. Oh silly Sears, we still love ya!

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