Saturday, March 8, 2008

PS3's Sixaxis wants to be a 360 controller

That Ben Heck has used his evil genius to do it again, gutting an Xbox 360 controller and replacing its innards with ::shutter:: PS3 Sixaxis technology. Being commissioned to do so, Ben used his technology knowledge to put a functioning Sixaxis controller into a 360 controller shell. We definitely know there is some Xbox 360 controller envy coming from the PS3 fanboys, but why did you have to do this Ben? What have you done with our colorful buttons and you even replaced our spherical guide button with a ... Playstation logo. And is that a USB cable going to the back of it? Please, say it ain't so! It's a sad sight to see, but we know how hard it is for Playstation fans to use that dreadful Sixaxis controller. With heavy hearts, we'll share our controller ... but just this once.

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