Saturday, March 8, 2008

Read/write to HDD and MU with Xplorer360

When we told you guys about the USB Memory Unit hack, we grokked its potential for sharing save games between 360s, but didn't expect it to happen so soon! Two member of, Roofus and AngerWound, have released the first (and second) beta of Xplorer360, designed to facilitate getting save games off of, and back onto, the 360. Features:
  • FULL Read/Write to 360 HDDs
  • FULL Read/Write to 360 Memory Units
  • Physical and Logical drive access
  • Support for opening of dumps of both devices
  • Backup/Restore dump options
They are looking for beta testers to help them track down the bugs, so tread lightly if you aren't sure. Otherwise, get going.

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