Friday, March 7, 2008

Rumor: 60GB to replace 20GB HDD in 360 Pros

With rumors of European Xbox 360 price cuts flying around, we have yet another 360 hardware rumor making the internet rounds and it targets the 360's hard drive.

According to TrustedReviews and their "rock solid source", they're claiming that Microsoft has plans to replace the Xbox 360 Pros' current 20GB HDD with a larger 60GB drive by this June. A move that isn't all that far fetched seeing that they probably want to to help accommodate all that HD content they want you to purchase off the Marketplace. TrustedReviews ratchets up the rumor mill even further by saying that their insider told them that Microsoft is bouncing around the idea of adding yet another SKU to the 360 lineup. A new console that would reap the fruits of the rumored Sony / Microsoft negotiations and feature a Blu-ray drive. So, is anyone willing to take a stab at what the rumored 60GB HDD or Blu-ray equipped models would be called? We'll be trail-blazers and go with "Xbox 360 Six Pack" for the 60GB model and "Xbox 360 HD DVD Died So Blu-ray It Is" for the Blu-ray version.

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