Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sony refuses to let OXM review Bravia HDTV

OXM started a new monthly feature in their magazine where they do reviews of various brands of HDTVs seeing that tons of gamers are in the market for new sets. And their monthly feature has been going fine until recently, when they contacted Sony to get a Bravia HDTV for a review in their next issue. Let's just say Sony didn't want any part of the review.

Upon giving the Sony Bravia folks a ring, OXM was taken aback to hear that they refused to send them a Bravia to review due to OXM's affiliation with the Xbox 360 platform. They're probably scared that a magazine with "Xbox" in their name would be biased towards a Sony brand TV. Funny thing is, OXM's Dan Amrich owns a Bravia set and loves it to death. Snap! So, OXM didn't get a Bravia HDTV and thus no review will get published. We guess Sony Bravia doesn't want Xbox 360 fanboys to purchase their televisions. Sucks for them.

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