Saturday, March 8, 2008

Water + 360 = Cool

Behold the internally water cooled 360. As noted by Xbox-Scene, there have been other -- more Frankensteinian -- water cooled 360s, but this is the first to be completely internal. All the hardware is inside the case itself. No easy task, to be sure. Dano2k0, creator of the mod, explains his inspiration:

"It had been talked about in the past about having a complete internal watercooling system and everyone doubted it would ever be possible due to the lack of space. This is when i got the idea of pulling off the impossible, and it hit my requirements perfect, a completly [sic] portable solution with the cooling needs i was after, in the exact same original sized case."

One time, I tried to cool my 360 by pouring water into the disc drive ... it didn't work.

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Brandyn said...

Did all you do is run tubing across the internals and remove the fan?