Saturday, March 8, 2008

Water cooled Xbox 360: the mod

Everyone knows the Xbox 360 produces a heat signature comparable to a fusion reactor. That's why HardOCP is bragging about their own DIY water cooling mod for the 360. After the obligatory warning about voiding your warranty and stuff, they are quick to drop the skinny on what they want to accomplish:

1. To achieve better overall cooling for the Xbox.

2. Make a unit that can be replicated with fairly common components, without spending a fortune.

3. Clean, professional installation. No ghetto installation, no use of epoxy to attach a crappy homemade water block, and no zip ties or wire and bubblegum tricks.

4. Leave the Xbox without any permanent alterations so that it may be easily returned to its original condition.

And don't forget, this mod can be completed using off the shelf parts that anyone can buy.

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