Saturday, March 8, 2008

Xbox 360 controller faceplates

Lik-Sang is now offering Xbox 360 controller faceplates in a variety of styles:

There is an array of 7 colors available from kick-off, including bubblegum pink for the girlfriend (also recommended for gay cow-boys and metrosexual men who are so at ease with their sexuality that they are actually comfortable at shaving their torso plus their legs, at wearing pink shirts if not their wife's panties, and at engaging in other such weird activities that Cosmopolitan columnists and Vogue editors will regularly encourage or praise. For those not familiar with the trend, think "David Beckham" or "male fashion models" as illustrating example).

Ok, not so sure about the marketing language, but the metallic silver one is cool and a good match for the chrome TeamXtender faceplate we noted earlier. Keep in mind that taking your controller apart voids the warranty, although the installation guide available down the page as a PDF makes the process look pretty painless.

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