Saturday, March 8, 2008

Xbox 360 skins revisited

Not sure how we forgot about Facetags when we mentioned 360Covers last week. We blogged about Facetags back in December and now we're even featured prominently on their site--thanks, guys! Facetags offers $10 skins for your Xbox 360's faceplate, and the killer feature seems to be the ability to use your own images; unfortunately, this feature isn't functioning yet.

Another option is Game Console Skins (warning: super obnoxious loud, blinking, annoying, "flash mandatory" website alert). While their website is doing everything in its power to will me to close the browser window and walk away, I've managed to check out what they've got available. Like 360Covers, Game Console Skins offers three full panels to outfit your 360 for around $20. A nice touch is their matching $5 controller skin, although I'm not sure how long the sticker would stay put when confronted with the sweaty, desperate clutches of a gamer in the middle of a tense bout of DoA4.

Anyone have any experience with any of these outfits?

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