Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bungie makes good with erased 360 owner

Last week, a story circulated the internets regarding Nathaniel, a guy who had to send his autographed, artworked and Halo themed Xbox 360 into Microsft repair because it red ringed. He took all necessary precautions to make sure the repair center sent him back the exact "shell", because of the autographs and sentimental value it had. He was promised he would be taken care of. But upon receiving his fixed console, he was horrified to find that his Xbox 360 was wiped clean of all Sharpie goodness, autographs erased, artwork gone with only a few smudges left. Darkness swept over the world.

Upon hearing this sad, sad tale, team Bungie went into action to right any wrongs. And boy did they ever right the wrong. Nathaniel was overjoyed to receive a gigantic swag bag from team Bungie, full of Halo memorabilia, action figures, clothing, accessories, hardware, music and an autographed Legendary cat helmet. Just take a look at it all! All we can say is boo to those evil monkeys at the Xbox 360 repair center, yippy for Nathaniel and mad props to Bungie for being caring enough to jump in and make things right. Oh happy day!

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