Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mass Effect DLC: Details on the Batarians

With the new DLC for Mass Effect hitting next week, Bioware has updated their Galactic Codex with information about the major new "feature" of the DLC, the new race, Batarians. First appearing in the Mass Effect universe before the game had even hit store shelves, Batarians featured largely in the prequel novel Mass Effect: Revelation and made no appearance in the retail game at all. The four-eyed humanoid species is isolationist and resides mainly in the Terminus systems, which are mentioned frequently in-game as a source of instability and insurrection. The website update includes some short history and back-story, along with a new screen and a small flash video of the species facial animations. Hopefully we'll get more on the species during the supposed 90 minutes of gameplay the pack provides. Entitled Bring Down the Sky, the DLC hits this Monday for 400 MS Points.

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