Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bungie WWU: Tidbits and Teasing

Having updated the Halo 3 playlists earlier in the week, this week's Bungie Weekly What's Update has TONS of information for players to sort through. Touching on a variety of subjects, the update is rather long and actually begins with a list of things that it will not contain (sorry folks, no lolcats or Mister Chief). The update does give more details on the March Playlist update, as well as updating the community on the status of a potential bug that made an appearance on ESPN. The more interesting bit (for us anyway) of the write-up comes at the end where we're told of an quirky (though not very useful) feature of the plasma pistol and an explanation of how the game creates the screenshots that we all know and love. Not surprisingly the explanation is rather technical, surprising however, is the method by which the game arrives at the final screen that appears on Most folks around the net assumed it was just a bunch of anti-aliasing, and well, they were wrong.

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