Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sin City game every other year starting 2009

From the people who brought us such hits as Jackass: The Game now are bringing another piece of pop culture to the realm of video games. Currently in development at Transmission Games is a game based on the Sin City graphic novels, (not the movie) that is currently due for release at the tail end of next year. Licensing the comics instead of the movie is both a wise and foolish move for the company, as the comics have much more story and depth, however they lack the actors or recognition that could make the game a big hit; so all in all it's a bit of a gamble. The IP has a lot of potential, but all that could mean is a more spectacular failure if the game isn't of the utmost quality. And with only six months of development behind it, it's impossible to tell if the devs will make good on that potential. The most interesting bit of news from the announcement is that the publisher foresees a continuing bi-yearly series out of the property, despite not even being out of pre-production for the first game. You can be sure we'll keep an eye on this one as it goes forward

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