Saturday, March 8, 2008

By golly, it's a Etch A Sketched Big Daddy

Only rarely does one stumble upon great artwork that touches them to their core and pulls out emotions that are so deeply embedded. The kind of art that truly inspires greatness and makes one want to scream out loud "I love etched BioShock artwork!" And the picture you see above, made us say just that.

The mysterious and ever so talented Etch A Sketchist created the masterpiece above using his Etch A Sketch, sketching what looks to be the cover art of BioShock, but re-mastered and completed with two white knobs. We must say that his work on the Gears of War scene that we saw a while back was pretty spot on, but this BioShock masterpiece takes the cake. We've never felt the urge to hug an Etch A Sketch as much as we do right now ... we love our BioShock, oh yes we do.

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