Saturday, March 8, 2008

One expensive Master Chief suit on eBay

Ever wanted to dress up like Master Chief, walk around in fancy Spartan armor and feel really badass? Well, here's your chance, because right now on eBay is one of the most accurate and nice looking Master Chief costumes we've seen to date. But be warned, becaue it'll cost you some big bucks. Currently, the red Spartan armor sits at an astonishing $5,500 and includes all the body armor, the helmet and an assault rifle with 4% of the auction's total going towards helping GamerDad who's currently in the hospital (read about GamerDad's story over at Joystiq).

Anyhoo, we're thinking some uber rich fanboy will be purchasing said Master Chief costume, probably not anyone we know and for sure not us, because bloggers aren't rich as most believe. Knowing that we won't ever get our hands one one of these, all we'd want is to see this up close and for someone to come visit us on September 25th in Fanboy Towers all dressed up like Master Chief. Ahhh yes ... we can only dream.

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

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