Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fan created Halo 3 forged face illusion

Halo 3 forger Rit Dye likes his face. He likes his face so much he decided to do a self portrait of his mug using the forge in Halo 3. And if that sounds like a difficult task then you are correct, because forging the easiest thing to do. But Rit Dye figured he'd take his portrait forging up a difficulty level to legendary by creating his masterpiece not top down like others, but from the side. As you can see in the image above, Rit Dye placed random Halo 3 objects horizontally on Sandtrap's surface creating an optical illusion. The illusion, when viewed from a distance, creates an image. An image of Rit Dye's face. A+ for effort, A+ for execution and A+ for total commitment. Next up, an optical illusion that'll make us better Halo 3 players.

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