Saturday, March 8, 2008

Gorgeous high-res Halo 3 rank insignia artwork

The Halo 3 insignia rank artwork that is available on is so 1998. It's low-res, .gif based and is just so darn ... "meh". But fret not artwork lovers, because member Beorn is here to save the day with re-worked, re-created and oh so beautiful insignia artwork. Beorn took the liberty of re-creating all the Halo 3 ranked military insignias (everything from Recruit through General Grade 4) in vector form and super high res .png files. The new insignia artwork is spot on accurate and allows you to use your Halo 3 military rank for any high-res need that you may have. Thanks Beorn, now we feel like we're living in the digital artwork age of 2007.

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