Saturday, March 8, 2008

Gears lancer made with NERF and toy chainsaw

Can you say delectable? Because that's the adjective we use to describe the custom created Gears of War Lancer you see above. Not only is it an amazingly detailed replica of Mr. Fenix's Lancer that lights up and carries that "bad-ass mystique", but would you believe it was created by fashioning together a NERF gun and a toy chainsaw? Well, you should believe, because that's exactly how it was made. Words cannot express our admiration with the toy in question ... it was love at first sight. Now only if they sold these kind of toys at our local Toys R Us, then we'd truly be satisfied in life. Stupid government though. We say down with the government's strict toy rules and up with realistic Gears Lancer toy replicas at Toys R Us! Woohoo! Who's with us

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