Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bungie's homegrown Forge tips

Bungie's Brian "Ske7ch" Jarrard has posted some Halo 3 maps he created before the holidays over at As is all the rage these days, Ske7ch made his creations on Foundry, the map specifically designed for the Forge map editor. In addition to explaining each map in detail and the inspirations behind them, Ske7ch also gives a few modest tips to would be Forgers. First and foremost, those wishing to design a map should think about exactly what kind of map is being made. Maps should be designed with certain game types in mind, like CTF, Slayer, or Assault. Another practical tip is using crates to help line up wall placements. Other things to keep in mind: Forging in multiplayer may not be the best idea, give players landmarks (signs, set pieces, etc.) to help them navigate the map, and remember to just keep at it. Head over to to read his tips in detail and don't forget to queue up Ske7ch's creations in Halo 3 so you can try them out yourself.

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