Saturday, March 8, 2008

Really real and wearable Halo 3 Recon helmet

Earning the uber l33t Halo 3 Recon Armor from the filthy clutches of Bungie is no easy feat. You must make some sort of community contribution or find a new and adventurous way of killing yourself in-game. Simply put, Recon Armor is cool, but nearly impossible to obtain and that's exactly why Belakor over at the 405th Forums created his own.

Made out of l33t plastic, l33t paint and lots of l33t love is the life-size and fully wearable Halo 3 Recon helmet you see above. And for those who haven't the slightest idea to what Recon armor looks like, take a look at this and compare it to the helmet above. Nearly identical, no? It's a work of art and if Belakor doesn't get some in-game Recon Armor to match his real-life Recon armor then we'll have to rough up the folks over at Bungie. It's only right.

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