Saturday, March 8, 2008

For Sale: Delightful Castle Crashers knight figures

Move over Companion Cube plushie, there's a new video game collectible in town and it's taking your spotlight.

Over at the new and improved The Behemoth store they released some new Castle Crashers knight figurines in all four yummy knight colors. Actually, these figures released back in December, quickly sold out, but are now in stock (except for the blue knight, he's the popular one). Each figure comes with a display case, stand and a set of four interchangeable weapons for $20 each. Otherwise, you can buy any three knights and The Behemoth will give you the fourth free. They're cool like that.

We're not sure how we missed the release of these figures last month, but we're sad we did. The holidays would have been much merrier for us and a few close Castle Crashers friends. Oh well, it'll be a merry January present to ourselves.

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