Saturday, March 8, 2008

What types of things ruin our Halo 3 experience

While on Xbox Live playing games we all have our certain "ticks". Things that people do within or outside of gameplay that either annoy us or make us want to break the closest object. This experience happens in nearly every game, but is ever so more apparent while playing Halo 3.

JW over at 1P Start posted his list of the top nine things that ruin his online Halo 3 gaming experience and we must say, we agree with most. Scattered throughout his list are the typical weapons based annoyances including the people he calls "rocket whores" or "swordsmen". We aren't annoyed by the weapon whore'ers of the world, but when we get repeatedly pwned by the same person using the same weapon ... well, we tend to get a bit angry. JW posted other Halo 3 gaming annoyances, but two that stand out and we wholeheartedly agree with are the "heavy breathers" and "deserters". Seriously, if you're raping your microphone in such a way that we can hear every inhale and exhale you make then we're going to have a problem. Same goes for deserters. Don't quit, don't leave our team and force us to fend off the impending onslaught one man short. It's evil and makes us sit up at night, crying and eating a half gallon of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Grrr.

JW's list of Halo 3 game ruining experiences are all pretty spot on, but we're wondering what you think. Do you have Halo 3 annoyances (or any general gaming annoyances) that bother you so much that you nearly tweak? Please share them with us and we'll have an impromptu therapy session right here in this post's comments. Gamers venting their anger about other gamers ... what's more natural than that?

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