Saturday, March 8, 2008

Xbox 360 stencils + pumpkin = great Halloween

October 31st is quickly approaching and that means you have two things to do. One being that you only have a week or so to carve a pumpkin to decorate your doorstep for the night's trick-or-treaters. The other issue that needs taking care of is that you'll have to stock up on a year supply of Halloween candy. We here at X3F can only help you with one of your duties, so we're leaving the candy stockpile up to you.

Posted over at is a set of four downloadable Xbox 360 themed pumpkin carving stencils to aid in creating the ultimate 360 pumpkin. The stencils feature such iconic 360 themes like the ring of light, the infamous "X" logo and the silhouette of our white console. Don't think you have the talent to make a 360 pumpkin? Well, you're wrong, it's actually quite easy. Simply choose your favorite design, download it, print it off, cut it out, slap it on your orange gourde of choice, hollow out said gourde and start cutting out the black stuff. Then all you have to do is light a candle inside and voila! You now have Xbox 360 Halloween pride. Just be leery of the dreaded red ring of death ... it's reported that Halloween brings four times the amount of red ring failures than normal. Boo!

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