Saturday, March 8, 2008

Master Chief Transformer, maximize!

We can think of nothing more enjoyable than the sheer awesomeness of Halo 3 and everyone's favorite Spartan, Master Chief. Then again, we can also think of nothing better than our childhood memories of transforming and playing with our old-school Transformers toys. And now we can have both.

Friendly eBay seller digitalworld40 skillfully crafted a custom transforming toy that blends our obsessive love of everything Master Chief with our nostalgic addiction of Transformers into one toy. Meet the Master Chief Transformer! This custom toy is an APC 117 Transformer who is artfully decorated to look like Master Chief when "maximized". Do we love it? Yes. Do we want it? Yes. Can we have it? Eh, probably not. The $200 price tag would force us to eat nothing but Macaroni & Cheese for the entire month of February. Then again, Mac & Cheese isn't all that bad ...

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